Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Lifting a load of a ton of clothes
I wonder if a life will unfold
From a paralytic life I'll hold 

God was good you might say
My luck will hold
 A life well staid

To live in God's kingdom 
And foresee the need 
To tell others of God's great love for thee


Animal crackers
Wouldn't you know 
A healthy snack 
For young and old

Babies teethe on them
Toddlers too
Enjoy the heck 
Out of three or two 

On the go
Or in the know
Animal crackers
For young and old

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Neighborhood Growing Up

Baseball, kickball, football
Well played in the vacant lot
By neighborhood kids
Of all ages
From eight to teen years 
Back in the '50’s lean years
In the neighborhood 
Growing up

Back when kids went barefoot
Catching fireflies at dusk
Before kids were not scared
Of "catching bugs" of a different kind
Where butterflies flew freely
For all to see and admire
In the neighborhood
Growing up