Monday, April 27, 2009

Mothers and Daughters

Chicken Soup For The Soul books has come out with a "Mothers and Daughters" book. I can't wait to read it.
I'm not sure what is refers to, but I just thought I'd do a "take" on my daughters and me.

I have three daughters. Each one is as unique as can be yet, alike in some ways.

First born is Kathy, Katherine Lois Stuart. How do you like that? First billing? Named for me, the Lois "thing". She is as independent as the day is long. She's a survivor as are the other two in their own way. Can't take "shopping"--not like her mother.  They keep as close as they can with their "work-a-day" world. Unlike their mother they are in the "work-force". A must in today's world. She is a dedicated Registered Nurse and loves the excitement of the ER and ICU and CCU. She remains single at this writing but, soon will probably be hearing wedding bells.

Debbie Gail Smith, my second born. The "middle" child. Poor her. However, she is my "writer".
She followed her father's footsteps to work and the "plant". She is now considered a publisher and editor of a small magazine "Alive In Christ". It is put out by the writer's guild she founded. The Agape Inspirational Writers Alive writer's guild is connected to the IWA of Houston, First Baptist Church. 
She has inspired me to write and "blog". She favors my mom and I have pictures to prove it. She is the mother to my only grandchild, a son, Thomas. She is very proud of him with a right to be. But, hold on this is about mothers and daughters. She loves to shop. Now that's where she comes to be like me. 
Not quite as avid a shopper as I, she usually "thinks" over each purchase very carefully. 

Tracey Lynn Rabalais, my "baby". Sorry, girls. :):) I was my father's "baby" when I was 50. She's stuck with the label as I have with my brothers. She's a "workaholic" like the others. They are alike in that way. They get that from their father, even if I do stay "busy" most of the time.
She's my "shopper", though. We are always finding "bargains" and sharing information about shopping.
One time I went to Houston, where she lived, to shop with her. I arrived there at 9 a.m. and we started when the stores opened at 10 a.m. We were still shopping at 9 p.m that night. When, Bobby, her then boyfriend, called her she said we were headed to another store. His reply was, "Where can you shop at 9 p.m? Aren't the stores closed?" She said, "No, there's always "Wal-mart". We shopped til 10  p.m.

What can I say? My mom and I went shopping every Saturday afternoon, downtown, Port Arthur, Texas in the 50's.  She has taken me as far away as San Antonio and Houston to shop with her. She had "style". However she liked jewelry. I prefer clothes. 

My mother's mother bought material and had clothes made for my mother and for me when I was young.

I can only guess, there are many things handed down from generation to generation. I know this is one thing we can't escape. "Shopping".
Good Luck in your endeavors as you reach the "peak" of your lives, girls. Live today as fully as you can.


Jess said...

Nice post, Lanell. And wonderful picture! I don't like shopping unless I'm in a bookstore, junk store or office supply place. :-) Just give me an oversized shirt and a pair of jeans and I'm happy. My mom was into clothes and shopping. I was 'burned-out' at an early age. ;-) Love your blog. And hope you and Debbie get to come to the conference this year.

Debbie Gail Smith said...

Thanks, Mom... I think. :)
Good post.