Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brother's Tom & Jerry Brown

I couldn't ask for better brothers. They are good Christian men in spite of hard times as youths. Yet, I'm sure others had harder times also. Living in Port Arthur, TX was simpler than now, though. If you want to compare.
It's a wonder we survived. Left on our own, we learned to take care of each other. At least, they took care of me.
Port Arthur, TX, known as "The Wicked City" or "The Windy City". A port town with refineries at their peak of production.
A time when most everyone was buying a car, and a home. Who remembers the Port Theatre, in the Del Mar addition, The Sabine Theatre downtown, or The Village Theatre out 16th Street, near St James Catholic church? It was a quarter for the Saturday Matinee, with serials like "Rocket Man", Comic strips, like Elmer Fudd, & Tom & Jerry, & Tweetie Bird & Syl
Who remembers Kress five and dime stores, or Fornett Men's Wear, or Bluesteins? They were the best stores.
Who remembers having your gas pumped by an attendant?
When mom went to Houston via Hwy. 90 she always stopped in Liberty to have her car filled up with gas because the attendant always swept out her floor board. She thought that was being treated like royalty.
Well, enough nostalgia.
We were taught through experience to look after one another. I think we taught our kids to do the same, look after one another, and I hope they teach their kids to do the same also.

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Debbie Gail Smith said...

Good post. Tell us more stories about you and your siblings while you were growing up. About your Mom and Dad, too.

I like your new photo on here.