Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poems by Lanell

STANDING IN THE GAP                                  SITTING AT JESUS FEET

Standing in the gap,                                               Sitting at Jesus feet
Jesus on the cross did say,                                     I wonder who I am.
"forgive them this day",                                        Will I set out to trust Him
To enter life's gate                                                 Just as Job and Abraham
as they go along their way.

Standing in the gap                                               He feeds His sheep
Between what's right and what's wrong               even when they stray.
to save us from our sin                                         He brings us back to a steady gait.
To live in freedom from now on.                         When we sit at His feet.

Standing in the gap                                              We find the rest we need
So innocent and strong                                         when torn between earth and sky.
He gave us freedom                                             When He decides to meet our needs,
to enter Heavens gate alone.                                 as we sit at Jesus feet.


On a hill three crosses did appear,
One a saint and
to God did adhere.

Two were sinners.
One turned to Christ
that day on a hill
And in Heaven did appear.

The other chose
to pass that day
To enter Heaven
That day on a hill

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