Saturday, March 30, 2013

Life-Saving, Life-Giving

     A rose bush that had grown "out of control" had been a burden to me the past few years. I took some advice and pruned it this year, cutting it back to a little nub of a thing. That was February 12, 2013. It now it is sprouting new limbs and I have hope that it will survive and replenish itself.
     That's how I feel sometimes about this weight loss journey. Cutting back, pruning the unhealthy habits of a few years gone bad. God will show me the way to see things differently as I continue this journey. How to stay fit and trim is a goal with which I'm looking forward.  
      "The Rest of the Story" is: I haven't lost but one pound on this "diet" but, I have lost inches. Now a size lower than when I started, feeling good again is a something that makes me happy.  I am not "starving" myself to oblivion and back and feel good physically and mentally.
       Learning to exercise and not being a "couch-potato" is a joyous experience. When the sun is shining down on my being, a whole new world is opening up to me, as I walk in the park. It can open up to you as well. God is ever present in His creation. "Spring has sprung!" is an old saying, that warms the heart. Grass and flowers grow to a new depth in our hearts as we observe them.
         Learning to walk daily with the Savior is life-saving, life-giving experience. Keeping His word close at hand is a life-saver also. "Keeping his Word in my heart is an ever present help in trouble." (paraphrased Psalm 119:11) I praise God every day for being by my side. Without Him I am nothing. Keep trying, keep the faith and a whole new world will open unto you.

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