Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Held Captive by Strongholds

We are held captive at some time in our lives. The strongholds of our life can hold us captive. There are strongholds of our mind, body and spirit.

First our minds are alerted to the mind by our thoughts. Our thoughts can deceive us. Have you ever thought and thought and thought about something, only to talk about it out loud and find yourself asking, “Where did that come from?” or “That’s absurd.”  Our thoughts don’t always make sense until we express them.

Our bodies can fool us into thinking we are hungry when we are not. Can we really wait on the Lord to ask for blessing before we dive into that plate of steak and potato? I’m guilty. Eat because I am overcome with the thoughts that I can’t wait.
We can become like Esau who sold his our birthright for a moment of pleasure.

I find that when I get busy I can forget to eat. It’s hard to believe, I who have been feeling starved for many years should come to a point when I can eat because it’s good for me. Eating is for sustenance, for energy and for good health. Not eating can be bad for you when you have ailments that make you eat, such as diabetes but that is not the case for most people. Overeating is just one of the strongholds I’ve had in my life.

Being a writer and poet has intrigued me for a long time. I’ve written for a newspaper, a Christian On-line publicist, and my two blogs. I led in some Bible Studies at church. I took up being a secretary for a church school and a department store for a few years of my life. It has not come to anything significant.

Another is my desire to “Be Somebody.” My relentless pursuit of making something of my life besides being just what I am: A homemaker, a stay at home mom, wife, and or housekeeper. Those are the main titles, even if I was nurse, cook, bottle washer, seamstress, crafter, psychiatrist, consultant, baby-sitter and/or teacher. Why oh why wasn’t I satisfied with just that? Well, here I am finding myself being all except a baby-sitter and there are no more babies around to baby. Is that me saying, “PTL”?

I’m 72 years of age and have finally found my “nitch”. Right back where I started and desired from childhood: wife, mother, and homemaker.  I belong to some clubs and have met a lot of people along the way that have blessed my life. I lead a blessed life.
God is here for me. I couldn’t always see Him working in my life, but He was there.


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