Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Joyce Miles is a faithful Sunday School/Bible Study student. Recently she sold her house and is leaving the Port Arthur, Groves area. We wish her well. I wrote this tribute to her as a friend, and as a class member/leader.

Joyce Miles Farewell Address

Our prayers and thoughts are with you as you embark on a new journey in your life.
Abraham set out in faith to a land unknown and unfamiliar to him. He left the familiar hustle and bustle of a city life to become a great herdsman. He made some twists and turns during his lifetime but was always blessed by our heavenly Father.
His faith kept him going. May you find the faith and belief that God will be with you as you travel to the unfamiliar surroundings. May God show you all that you are to accomplish in his name. May God show you all that the blessings of a faithful servant that you are just as was Abraham.

As I thought about Joyce the word came to my mind faithful.

I looked up faithful in the dictionary. It is described as: Firmly and devoutly supportive. Worthy of trust and belief.
The word fits Joyce perfectly. She is faithful to her friends and to her church. She will be sorely missed by friends and church members.

Go in Peace with the Lord at your side.

We love you, faithful friend.

The “Martha” class of First Baptist Church Groves.

Lanell Stuart, author.
Flo Brokaw, president.

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