Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catching Up

Things are looking up for my family and me. Oldest daughter Kathy marrying Mike in December in Florida. Tracey is feeling much better and Debbie is in training for personal fitness program. My blood pressure is stableized with two medications. Tommy's arm is doing okay also. Son in law Carl got his stitches out of his hand this week and is on the mend. Son in law Bobby is doing good on the Disc Golf circuit. By the way Tracey is not half bad at Disc Golf herself.

Tommy, Bobby, Tracey, and Debbie play "Fantasy Football". It's a riot listening to them "draft teams". They have a good time with it.

Grandson, Thomas, is in Peru doing Mission work and going to seminary. He should be through in Peru next August. I'm praying all goes well for him this year. He will get to come back in December for a while, then return to Peru in the year 2013, as I said till August. Then the tough part starts--looking for a job. My heart goes out to him.

Oh, yes. This year Tommy and I celebrated a beautiful 50th Wedding anniversary party at "Beau Reve" on the Neches River. Cousins came from Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, and Dallas. Thanks to the children and grand children and guests, we had a wonderful time.

All things considered this 50th year with my dear espoused husband has been a good one.

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