Friday, February 25, 2011


Well, you'll be happy to know--I've found success. Or maybe you will be interested in the "helps" along the way? Maybe so, I hope you will find the success I have.

I have found success eating less.

I have lost 6 pounds in 2 months.

I must tell you of an aid I have found most helpful. It's a web site called:

With this aid I found, with my son-in-law's help, I have been able to account for the calories and fats I take on every day. I eat sensibly and am able to eat some otherwise "forbidden fruit" so to speak. I stay with chicken or fish mostly and feel like that is a better choice for most days, even though I do eat beef once-in-a-while.

I don't count the calories before I eat. I just enter the data and the site figures the calories for me. In the evening I make sure I haven't had too many calories that day so that I don't eat all the snacks I have been known to eat in the past.

"It works for me" as an actor has been known to say.

Therefore, my advice is eat sensibly, not too many fats or calories and stop eating all the snacks in the evening hours. As your mother would say, "eat all your vegetables". I don't feel like I'm on a "diet" as such. I feel free to be me.

February, 24, 2011

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