Monday, December 27, 2010

Report On My New Knee

Well, things are looking up. I have been walking regularly for about three weeks. What a difference it has made for me. I first walked 15 minutes, sitting after 5 minutes. I have managed to work up to 30 minutes sitting after 10 minutes. It's difficult with the high blood pressure and pain of my knee.

However, today was good. Yesterday, Sunday was the start of it. I woke up without pain in my right knee. This morning, Monday, I woke up without having pain all night with my left hip and left knee.

I had been overcompensating the pain in my right knee by exaggerating use of my left side. It took its toll for the past three months. I was and am praying really hard my left knee and/or hip don't need replacing.

It's an ordeal I don't want to put my husband nor myself through again. I hope the pain is gone for good.

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